Claudia Wimmer
Born in 1959 in Hannover, Germany
Lives and works in Bremen, Germany


Established the “Atelierkate Junior Artist Award” for young artists in Bremen, Germany

Founding member of the “Deichblick-Symposium” in Jade/Schweiburg, Germany

2012 – Present
Founder and project leader of “Kunst:Route” (artist studio open days) in northern Bremen, Germany

2009 – Present
Artist director of the “Atelierkate Lesum” in Bremen, Germany

2007 – Present
Self-employed artist

2007 – 2008
Studied Graphics under Thomas Falk, at the “Künstlerhaus am Handelsmuseum”, Bremen, Germany

Conducted art events in cooperation with Andreas Green, at the Cuxhaven House of Artists

2005 – 2007
Studied Pictorial Arts at the International Academy of Arts under Prof. Jürgen Waller, Bremen, Germany

1995 – 2005
Self-employed in arts and crafts, textile painting


Claudia Wimmer`s motifs are created using different artistic techniques. She prefers to work using oil painting, drawing and art prints. The core themes are either foreign cultures or individualism in the global world with the emphasis on cultural backgrounds. Often in a tongue-in-cheek manner, she deliberately uses metaphors and clichés like those in the “Breakfast” or “Sayings” series. Real-world objects regularly feature in her paintings in order to reinforce the “tangibility” of her creations.

“I always wanted to express what I see.”
Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966) Swiss artist